How does it work?


Step 1

Send us a few pictures

Send us pictures of the party guests by email at least 5 days in advance (up to a maximum of 10 children preferably). Send pictures with faces clearly visible, looking forward  and smiling if possible.

Please ask the parents permission to do so. We will only use the pictures for the use of creating the illustrations and will delete them immediately after delivery.

And don't forget to indicate the name and age of the birthday girl or boy.


Step 2

Choose a theme (optional)

You can suggest a theme which we can weave into the illustration. For example: a sport, game, toy, movie, superhero, etc


Step 3


We will send you a digital version of the group portrait which you can print out on 11x17" inch paper (or letter size 8.5x11"). We suggest rolling each of the drawings and securing them with a colorful ribbon. Provide coloring pens or crayons.

We can also send you the printed illustration by mail if provided enough time.

Optional for Montreal area: Add a juggling circus activity to the birthday party with Melon!


We create custom illustrations for children’s parties. Color them and take them home as a souvenir!


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